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The Department of Forensic Sciences was established in August 2015 with six students and five faculty. After two years, we have 86 students, 9 full-time faculty, 6 part-time faculty and one visiting professor.


We recognize that the number of forensic scientists in Ghana is woefully inadequate considering the current population and the pace of development.  Also as crime becomes increasingly sophisticated, the demand grows for highly skilled forensic scientists capable of innovating, performing and analyzing scientific procedures to improve crime prevention and detection.

In line with this philosophy, we believe in the need to:

  1. turn out more students for professional careers related to crime prevention and detection;
  2. provide students with critical thinking and technical skills required for lifelong success in forensic and investigative sciences;
  3. produce confident, competent and ethically-minded future forensic scientists;
  4. advance the various fields through innovative research to solve pertinent problems that confront the country;
  5. impart knowledge, skills and intellectual leadership in the public and private sector.
Head of Department

Prof. Christian K Adokoh




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